Performance Awards

The Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards are renowned for recognising and celebrating the best food products in Irish retail, wholesale and foodservice sectors. However, it is the individuals and teams behind these products’ development, production and distribution that makes them award winning. It is in recognition of this that we have included the performance awards to the Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards line-up.

There are no fees for entering any of these categories and anyone can nominate, including the company themselves.

Entry Deadline: Friday 20 November

Best COVID-19 Response Initiative by a Producer/Retailer

This category aims to reward an initiative from a producer or retailer from the island of Ireland, that ran anytime from March to October 2020. The judges will be looking for a scheme or approach you put in place to protect your business and serve your customers or community during the pandemic. Your entry must demonstrate the tangible difference made to your business or community during the pandemic, and you may include customer stories and feedback. Examples include: shopping hours or discounts for key workers; a product you sold that donated profit to a local charity; or additional produce donated to local charities or food banks (this list is not exclusive). There will be an award for Retailer and an award for Producer.

Please ensure you include information about;

  • What aspects of your response were particularly innovative or creative
  • Your normal operating region/reach and how this changed during the time period
  • The community, charity or demographic that benefitted from your initiative
  • Evidence that support your entry e.g. level of engagement, number of meals donated
This category is now closed

COVID-19 Response Frontline Hero

This award recognises those people from the island of Ireland who went above and beyond during the the COVID-19 pandemic. Entrants can be from retailers, suppliers and producers across retail and foodservice. They can feature at any point in the journey from farm to fork so could work in store, fulfilment, delivery or customer service, to name but a few.

This person may have taken an active role outside of their day job in order to help meet the needs of their business, whether as a new covid related protocol or to assist the business in supporting the local community.

The judges will be looking for:

  • Evidence of improvement on business performance/practices
  • Tangible differences to the business or community
  • Implementation of new practices such as contact free deliveries, in store social distancing procedures, new products, or products sold in a different model (this list is not exclusive)

Entrants can be put forward by their company, by their colleagues, family or friends, but the individual must have given their consent to be nominated

This category is now closed

Best Initiative by a Foodservice Provider

At the Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards we recognise the seismic changes to society that the Coronavirus epidemic has caused. We have been particularly impressed by the way that the Foodservice industry has rapidly adapted to serve the needs of retail customers and in some cases has switched to a Direct to Consumer model. Therefore, for this year we are introducing a new category, Best Initiative by a Foodservice Provider.

This award is open to anyone who would usually be selling in the out-of-home sector and is now adapting their business in new and innovative ways to serve customers.

This category is now closed

Own Label Range of the Year

Own brands have long been part of retailer’s strategies, recognising consumer need for a point of difference offering choice, value and innovation across the board. This award recognises those retailers who are leading the way in grocery own label.

Entries will be judged on innovation, product development, quality and business performance. Please provide evidence to support your entry.

This category is now closed

Rising Star

The Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards aims to celebrate the talent and the hard work of the industry’s rising stars.

The Rising Star Award recognises individuals aged 30 and under who have a passion for food and drink and are making strides within the industry.

If you know a young person who is working as a chef or in the retail grocery sector, be it in a small convenience store or a large supermarket, or studying food technology, encourage and appreciate them by nominating them for this award.

This category is now closed

Supplier of the Year

Behind every great product lies an army of suppliers. The relationship between grocery buyer and supplier is fundamental to the success of any product. Now more than ever, we should be recognising these grocery heroes.

Nominate your favourite supplier, whether it is an individual or a company, this award is your opportunity to highlight their excellence.

This category is now closed