Irish Quality Food and Drinks Awards 2021 Finalists Showcase

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Cooking Sauces

Oils, Vinegars and Dressings


Free From

Inclusive of Good Choice Free From Allergens – Savoury, Good Choice Free From Allergens – Sweet, Good Choice Free From Gluten - Biscuits and Cakes and Good Choice Free From Gluten - Meats and Fish


Inclusive of Good Choice Snacks – Savoury and Good Choice Snacks - Sweet

Ready Meals

Quiches, Pies and Pasties

Pasta and Pizza

Inclusive of Pasta, Rice and Grains and Pizzas

Meal Accompaniments

Food to Go

Deli Goods

Inclusive of Meat Antipasti and Sliced Meats and Vegetable Antipasti

Children's Food


Chocolate and Confectionery

Desserts and Puddings

Inclusive of Desserts and Puddings – Fresh and Desserts and Puddings - Frozen

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