Entry Deadline
Friday 2 July 

Meat Categories

Please note any meat item specifically produced to have a lower fat percentage than its mainstream counterpart e.g. 30% less fat burgers, 5% fat mince should be entered in to the Good Choice Reduced meat category here. 


Rashers, back bacon, streaky, smoked and un-smoked.

€ 335.00 +VAT (23%)


Beef joints, diced beef, prepared beef cuts

€ 335.00 +VAT (23%)

Beef Steaks

Beef steaks from all cuts. N.B. Entries will be assessed against similar products during judging, and the category split accordingly e.g. day-aged-steaks

Categories include Fillet, Ribeye, Sirloin, Stirploin and Other Cuts


Game meats and birds e.g. duck, pheasant, venison, rabbit.

€ 335.00 +VAT (23%)


Lamb products e.g. lamb joints or prepared lamb cuts.

€ 335.00 +VAT (23%)


Pork products e.g. pork joints or prepared pork cuts. Includes gammon.

€ 335.00 +VAT (23%)


Poultry products e.g. chicken, turkey, goose.

€ 335.00 +VAT (23%)


Black and white puddings. If your product includes both black and white pudding, please enter here and the category will be split accordingly once all entries are received

€ 335.00 +VAT (23%)


Categories include Flavoured and Traditional

Burgers and Meatballs

Burgers and meatballs of any meat type, including similar options such as kebabs

€ 335.00 +VAT (23%)