Irish Quality Food and Drinks Awards 2021 Finalists Showcase

Fish and Shellfish

Inclusive of Fish – Prepared, Fresh Fish, Seafood and Shellfish

Fresh Produce

Inclusive of Fruit Unprepared, Salad Prepared, Vegetables Prepared, Vegetables Unprepared

Vegetarian/Vegan - Other Items

Our unique take on traditional ice cream. Frozen Goodness is handmade in Wicklow, by blending the finest single origin coconut milk, with the goodness of Avocado. The result is a uniquely creamy treat, that still delivers all of the taste, satisfaction, and sensory elements of traditional ice cream. Our salted caramel flavour combines the lovely butterscotch notes coming from the coconut sugar, with a hint of Irish Sea salt. Crafted from only 5 natural ingredients, it contains no stabilisers and gums. It is the only one of its kind in the world. 

This is our version of milk chocolate. We have sourced the finest single origin Congan Cocoa, which is then stone ground with creamy cashew nut butter for over 24 hours, creating a uniquely creamy plant based 'milk' chocolate. Flavoured with a hint of sicicilan orange rind oil, our Orange flavour delivers all the smoothness and creaminess one seeks in a milk chocolate, without any refined sugar and dairy. 

Flavour: Hot, smoky chipotle & Lime

Colour: Orange, pink & red particles

Texture: Smooth/ chipotle pepper particles

Odour: Lime, smoky & acidic

Used hot or cold, use as a pasta sauce, or a salad base, dip for crisps, vegetables, drizzle over a wrap, sandwich or salad. 

Flavour: Creamy, garlic and herbs

Colour: White with green speckles

Texture: Pouring consistency

Odour: Garlic and buttermilk

Use hot or cold, use as a pasta sauce, as a salad such as potato salad, use as a dip for crisps, vegetables, drizzled over a salad, or burger/veggie burger. Aimed at vegan but for all the family as it's so good. 

Flavour: Spicy Chilli & Garlic

Colour: Bright orange

Texture: Smooth pouring consistency

Odour: Aged cayenne peppers & vinegar

Ready to eat used hot or cold, so use as a pasta sauce, to spice up a sandwich, wrap or salad. It is vegan so aimed at this market, but as it is so good it can be used by all the family and used on chicken wings, burgers etc. Use also as a dip for crisps, vegetables, chips. 

Vegetarian/Vegan - Main Meals


Sausages and Puddings

Inclusive of Sausages – Flavoured, Sausages – Traditional, Puddings





Burgers and Meatballs

Beef Steaks - Striploin and Sirloin

Inclusive of Beef Steaks - Sirloin and Beef Steaks – Striploin

Beef Steaks – Ribeye

Beef Steaks – Fillet