Christmas Categories 

Products designed specifically for sale during the festive season

Category definitions have been provided to help you select the right place for your product to be entered.

Please note that categories have been grouped by A-Z.

To enter, click on the category below and you will be taken to the online entry form. You will be able to enter multiple categories within one entry. 

Products with dropdown options within categories will be split where necessary to ensure products are judged alongside similar ones.

Entries close on Friday 17 May 2024.

(Christmas) Bakery

Including all bread products sold for Christmas – e.g. panettone, stollen, seasonally available bread products, all sweet and savoury biscuits sold for Christmas – e.g. biscuits for cheese, crackers, shortbread, cookies, spiced flapjacks, tiffin –and all cakes – any created specifically for Christmas, excluding Traditional Christmas Cakes. For traditional Christmas cakes please see Traditional Christmas Cakes category.

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(Christmas) Cheese

Includes cheese products such as individual Christmas style cheeses, cheeses to be baked, or products such as cheese with tear-and-share bread, whole cheeseboards

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(Christmas) Chocolate and Confectionery

Chocolate and confectionery of a premium or novelty nature sold specifically as a Christmas offering e.g. chocolate bars, boxes, sharing bags, nougat, premium marshmallows

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(Christmas) Crisps, Nuts and Snacks

Any crisps, nuts or snacks marketed specifically for the festive period e.g. pigs in blankets flavour crisps, chocolate covered almonds

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(Christmas) Deli

Any Christmas Product sold on a delicatessen counter for Christmas e.g. hams, meat selections, pork pies or olives

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(Christmas) Desserts and Puddings

Includes Festive desserts i.e. yule logs, trifles, showstopper centre piece desserts, and any sweet pudding or dessert aimed to be served as individual portions. Excludes traditional Christmas cakes, puddings and mince pies.

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(Christmas) Fish

Smoked salmon, whole fish, fish dishes

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(Christmas) Free From

Any Christmas product marketed at the allergen free market incorporating one or more of the fourteen major allergens. Includes, biscuits, desserts, mince pies, confectionery

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(Christmas) Meat

Includes all Christmas meat both chilled and frozen. Products can include sauces, garnish, crumb, and can be plain or stuffed.

(Christmas) Mince Pies

Mince pies with traditional mincemeat or alternative flavoured filling

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(Christmas) Party Food

Food created to be shared and served at Christmas that is savoury or sweet; can be ambient, chilled or frozen - selection packs, mini pizzas, wedges, canapes

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(Christmas) Side Dishes

Seasonal stuffing, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, red cabbage and brussel sprouts

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(Christmas) Store Cupboard

Any product stored in the cupboard and created specifically for Christmas - Mint jelly, cranberry sauce, gravy granules, jams, relishes, chutneys, sweet sauces

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(Christmas) Traditional Christmas Cakes

Traditional Christmas cakes, decorated and ready to serve

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(Christmas) Traditional Christmas Puddings

To include traditional (fruit based), topped and hidden filling

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(Christmas) Vegan and Vegetarian

This category includes all vegan and vegetarian products designed specifically for Christmas - meat substitutes and alternatives, condiments, cheeses, desserts, main courses

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)