How it Works

To be eligible to enter the Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards, the product(s) you are entering must be on sale by September 2024 and available for consumers to purchase either online, or in-store, on the island of Ireland.

If you are entering the Christmas categories, please note that your product(s) must be on sale for the 2024 festive season.

When selecting your products, it is important to consider the key judging criteria:

  • Taste
  • Texture
  • Flavour
  • Aroma
  • Ingredients list
  • Provenance
  • Product appearance
  • Packaging
  • Price point/value for money
  • Innovation/aims in the marketplace

It doesn’t have to be a brand new product - just a really good one!

Once you have identified which product(s) you would like to enter into the awards, it will then be time to consider the best suited category.

As you will see, the categories have been arranged in alphabetical order and sub-categorised where appropriate (for example, where categories have a range of varieties, such as cheese).

If you require any further assistance in selecting your category, please feel free to get in touch with the IQFDA team, who will be happy to help.

When completing your entry form(s), you will be required to enter the following information:

  • Product information
    Name, Launch Date, Price, Weight. Always tell us the price: value for money is an important part of the debate.

  • Subcategory
    You will be asked to select a sub-category in which you believe your product falls under; this is for guidance only, and your product may not be judged in the sub-category if another category is deemed more suitable.

  • Who is it manufactured for?
    If it’s created for a retailer, include the retailer name at the start of the product name

  • List of ingredients
    Include the full list of ingredients

  • Cooking instructions
    Make sure these are clear and detailed as this is how your product will be prepared at judging. If your product needs other ingredients added such as baking kits, please make sure this is clearly stated in the submission.

  • Details of Irish/Northern Irish listings
    Both instore and online.

  • 100-word product description
    This description will be read out to the judges when they receive your product for tasting so please take the time to tell us why your product deserves to win. Judges appreciate being told the "story" behind a product - especially if it has a strong message to communicate.

  • Upload a photo of the product, and packaging
    Please also include your company logo - a high res image (preferably in PNG format) helps our judges to understand how consumers view your product in store.

Following the submission of your entry, you will receive an email in May with delivery instructions for your tasting samples. Judging will take place over June and July and all entries must supply product samples to take part in the programme. You can find out more on our judging process here.

Please ensure that you provide us with the recommended number of products in their packaging in your delivery, so our judges can experience your product(s) as consumers would. If your packaging is not available, please include a product shot with visuals of how the packaging will look.

The Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards are renowned for always having an esteemed panel of judges, and a stringent judging process.