Fresh Produce Categories 

Inclusive of prepared or unprepared fruit, salad and vegetables e.g. pre-cut fruit pots, whole fruits, stir fry kits, vegetable roasting trays, whole vegetables, salad bags, coleslaw, potato salad etc.

Products with dropdown options within categories will be split where necessary to ensure products are judged alongside similar ones.

(All Year Round) Fruit

Fresh or frozen fruit including prepared or unprepared e.g. whole fruits, pre-cut fruit pots, frozen mixed berries.

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(All Year Round) Salad

Fresh salads, prepared or unprepared, not intended to provide a whole meal e.g. whole lettuces, salad bags, coleslaw, potato salad.

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(All Year Round) Vegetables

Fresh or frozen vegetables including prepared or unprepared e.g. whole vegetables, vegetable roasting trays, stir fry kits, frozen broccoli

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)