Snacks Categories 

Sweet and Savoury food designed for snacking includes crisps, nuts, popcorn, jerky, bars.

Does not include Chocolate or confectionery, which is a separate category that can be found here.

Products with dropdown options within categories will be split where necessary to ensure products are judged alongside similar ones.

(All Year Round) Crisps

Includes individual and sharing sizes.

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(All Year Round) Savoury Snacks

Any savoury item designed for snacking e.g. Nuts, popcorn, jerky.

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(All Year Round) Sweet Snacks

Any sweet item designed for snacking e.g. Bars, popcorn, nuts.

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)