Good Choice Categories

Each category has been specifically tailored to represent the key drivers in today’s ever-changing marketplace. Category definitions have been provided to help you select the right place for your product to be entered. This year we have made the entry process clearer and simpler for you, by combining products into headline categories. 

Health has become a significant factor throughout the industry, so these awards recognise the huge efforts being made by retailers and manufacturers to deliver food and drink that address specific consumer needs, such as low-fat, low-sugar, dairy-free, Free From and more.  

The Good Choice categories are open to food products that are specifically designed and marketed as Free From, for an alternative diet, or are healthier options to mainstream products.

To enter, click on the category below and you will be taken to the online entry form. You can enter multiple categories within one entry form, including categories from the main awards. 

Entry fee per product: €335 + VAT.

Small producer entry fee (fewer than 10 staff and annual sales under €1 million): €125 + VAT.
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(GC) Beverages

Hot and cold beverages that target the health market and have either have fruit and/or vegetables as their main ingredient; low in sugar, fat or caffeine drinks; or are made with flavourings to add to water

This category is now closed

(GC) Dairy

Dairy products that are created with a healthier focus or for an alternative diet, these can include Fat Free Yogurts, Low Fat Cheese, Milks and other healthy dairy products.

This category is now closed

(GC) Free From Allergens

Categories include Sweet and Savoury

(GC) Free From Gluten

Categories include Biscuits and Cakes, Breads and Pasta, Meats and Fish and Other Products 

(GC) Food To Go

Pre-prepared, ready to eat food that is created with a healthier focus or for an alternative diet. These may include for example Sandwiches and wraps, Salads, Fruit pots and Snacks

This category is now closed

(GC) Ready Meals

Ready Meals from a healthy range or with a healthier focus

This category is now closed

(GC) Reduced Fat Meat

Any meat item specifically produced to have a lower fat percentage than its mainstream counterpart e.g. 30% less fat burgers, 5% fat mince

This category is now closed

(GC) Reduced/Low

A product whose aim in the market place is to be lower in fat, salt and sugar

This category is now closed

(GC) Snacks

Categories include Sweet and Savoury