Meet the team behind the Irish Qs...

Atma Hyett

Head of Events

What is the perfect comfort food?


Are you a starter person or a dessert person (and why)?

Starter - always. Savoury over sweet any day.

Your perfect birthday breakfast is...

Smoked Salmon, Scrambled Eggs and Avo.

What food is your guilty pleasure?


A secret ingredient that makes everything better is...

Black pepper

What is your favourite cuisine, and why?

Too hard to choose one!

What's your first Friday night drink of choice?

Dirty Gin Martini

What is one food you can't stand?

Shepherd’s Pie

You can only take one condiment to a dessert island with you - what will you choose?

Econa Pepper Sauce

What is your most used cookery book?

Ottolenghi Simple

What do you listen to when you're cooking?


A product you've discovered through the Qs that you can't get enough of?

Hana group sushi

Which category are you most looking forward to this year?

Oils and Vinegars