Judging Hints and Tips

from Kitchen Manager Agnes Bouchier-Hayes

  • Over the judging period the judges will look at products right through from confectionery to pies, salad to steak. Every single product will be given the respect it deserves, regardless of complexity.

  • Make sure you include the important information that will be discussed.  For example, judges can't assess value for money without a price and weight.

  • Give your product the best shot possible.  Enter the product in to the most suitable category to make sure that it can be judged against other products in the category.

  • Don’t enter multiples of the same product - flooding the competition doesn’t guarantee success.

  • The products will be looked at as a whole offering to consumers, who of course take more than taste into account when they make their purchases.  Naturally, the products must taste great, and they will be sampled, and examined, and feedback will be given.  This feedback can be so useful for continuing improvement; we see products who heed the advice performing better on an annual basis.  Equally we see products excel in one area but get stuck in a rut as they don’t improve in other areas.

  • Make sure you meet the delivery guidelines. It’s a lengthy process so give yourself the best possible chance, adhere to the delivery dates times and instructions to ensure your product can be judged fairly and equally amongst its peers.

  • Use the competition and the feedback to rejig or rework a product. Some great products miss the mark because of unsuitable cooking times.

  • Make the most of the opportunity! It’s a wonderful benchmarking tool.