Meat Categories

Includes both chilled and frozen, and roast-in-the-bag. Products can include sauces, garnish, crumb, and can be plain or stuffed.

Excludes Christmas meat. For Christmas meat, see Christmas Categories here.

Products with dropdown options within categories will be split where necessary to ensure products are judged alongside similar ones.

(All Year Round) Bacon

Bacon products sold as bacon rashers, smoked and unsmoked - does not include gammon.

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(All Year Round) Beef

Beef products e.g. beef joints, diced beef, prepared beef cuts.                                           

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(All Year Round) Beef Steaks

Beef steaks from all cuts. N.B. Entries will be assessed against similar products during judging, and the category split accordingly e.g. day-aged-steaks

Categories include Fillet, Ribeye, Sirloin, Stirploin and Other Cuts

(All Year Round) Burgers and Meatballs

Any burgers and meatballs of any flavour meat e.g. lamb burger, beef burger with cheese topping, including similar options such as kebabs and kofta.

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(All Year Round) Game

Game meats and birds e.g. duck, pheasant, venison, rabbit.

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(All Year Round) Lamb

Lamb products e.g. lamb joints or prepared lamb cuts.

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(All Year Round) Pork

Pork products e.g. pork joints or prepared pork cuts. Includes gammon.

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(All Year Round) Poultry

Poultry products e.g. chicken, turkey, goose, whether plain, seasoned, marinated or with an accompanying sauce, including roast in the bag. Does not include sausages or burgers. For Christmas meat, see ‘Christmas.’ If it is breaded or in pastry, see ‘Prepared Meat’.

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(All Year Round) Meat Puddings

Black and white puddings. If your product includes both black and white pudding, please enter here and the category will be split accordingly once all entries are received.

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(All Year Round) Prepared Meat

Meat products that are breaded or in pastry e.g. beef wellington, chicken goujons, nuggets, Kiev’s. For fish, see ‘Prepared Fish’.

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(All Year Round) Reduced Fat Meat

Any meat variety specifically developed to be lower in fat than usual e.g. 5% fat mince, 30% reduced fat sausages.

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)

(All Year Round) Sausages

Sausages can be of any meat variety and can be plain or flavoured. Includes chicken and turkey.

€ 369.00 +VAT (23%)